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Welcome to our website. the fact that you are here demonstrates that you are interested in karate training or the Martial Arts, either for yourself, your children or for the whole family.

We offer integrated and complete system for self-defense and personal improvement.

The aim of training is to improve the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

GMAS Karate is dedicated to help you develop confidence through physical activity and acquiring self-defence skills.

Our training enables you to exercise in a safe effective environment

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During the many years that I have been instructing in karate, I have seen many children as well as adults how they were very shy.

Some of them could not focus or concentrate for more than a few mins at a time. Many of these who are children may have found themselves not doing very well in school or in social situations because of their lack of self confidence and focus etc.

But within a short of time training in karate, most students tend to gain confidence, which in turn enables them to try harder, reach further and as such becomes a motivating drive to do as well as they can in the dojo, home,

work or school. Karate is an excellent vehicle in which to channel the student

in the right direction. 



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All you need to meet your fitness and  martial arts  goals


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CLASSes description

Dragon (Age 4-6 )

This program introduces Karate Kyokushinkai to young children.

the classes include a warm up period, martial arts instructions and games.

Students learn:

 * Following Directions

 * Helping others

 * Respect for each other

 * Basics of Karate Kyokushin

 * Blocking, Kicking and hand strikes

 * Team work

Lion ( Age 7- 13 )

This course shows what Karate Kyokushin is all about.

 * Dynamic kicking

 * Practical self-defense 

 * Kyokushin forms 

 * Sparing technique ( light contact )

 * Board breaking

 * Basics of gymnastic

 * Karate Kyokushin moves and technique 

We treat our students with respect and teach them to return the same respect to others.

Adult Classes ( 14 and up )

Adult classes include warm up period; every class is different and challenging.

 * Blocks and kicks 

 * Technique and forms superior 

 * Grappling 

 * Sparing full contact

 * Self-defence 

 * Board breaking 

 * Body conditioning

 * Stretching 

A few productive classes a week is all it takes for you to improve your outlook, grow healthier and live happier life. 



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Your body is more capable than you think,