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At the age of 12 Master Tewfik began studying Martial Arts in Algeria, where he trained several hours a day for many years.
At age of 18 Master Tewfik won the first of many Kickboxing championship competitions.
Over the next several years, he went on the win many more championships in Morocco and Algeria.

Master Tewfik



Master Tewfik left Algeria with one of the highest ranks an athlete can achieve, League's President State of Oran. 

Master Tewfik still pushes his limits in order to advance his knowledge in the different styles of Mixed Martial Arts.
Throughout his career, Master Tewfik has mastered Muay Thai, Taekwondo and also has familiarized himself with Kenpo and Jujitsu styles.
Over 31 years Master Tewfik has successfully taught Mixed Martial Arts and continues to inspire younger generations at home country Algeria, Morocco, Europe and now in USA. 


6 Dan 

Karate Kyokushinkai

Muay Thai

 Kick Boxing 

 Full Contact 

 Light Contact